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Minecraft Status: [5/9]

DONE Static IP

DONE Open up her ports

DONE Website running

DONE Test MC server running

@Quad - please check if test server works outside my home Try direct connect

DONE SSL LetsEncrypt

Enables us to use encryption, something you should never not do in the 21st century inter-net.

TODO Setup lobby server

Bucket minecraft server can do this. Multiple different servers can be accessed through the lobby server as little nether portals.

TODO Transfer offline accounts to online

Copy (UUID).dat to online accounts.

  • Get Full UUID of online player via
  • Get old/offline UUID of player - srv/usercache.json
  • Change UUID in file names under srv/world/playerdata/

TODO Add private server to work with some kind of auth

TODO Load up private server

blocked until I can get everyone's offline accounts…

$ sha256sum mc.tar.gz
a41fe1e9b4eca44a716d876f56f48c4fb83820682dc31081a67c74ed2d359d28  mc.tar.gz

$ md5sum mc.tar.gz
70d72a3fda22ffc0681e4c706452c05f  mc.tar.gz

Tables and Figures


Figure 1: A unix plumber in the sewers of

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