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Minecraft Status: [4/7]

DONE Static IP

DONE Open up her ports

DONE Website running

TODO Test MC server running

@Quad - please check if test server works outside my home Try direct connect

TODO Transfer offline accounts to online

Copy (UUID).dat to online accounts.

  • Get Full UUID of online player via
  • Get old/offline UUID of player - srv/usercache.json
  • Change UUID in file names under srv/world/playerdata/

TODO Load up actual server

$ sha256sum mc.tar.gz
a41fe1e9b4eca44a716d876f56f48c4fb83820682dc31081a67c74ed2d359d28  mc.tar.gz

$ md5sum mc.tar.gz
70d72a3fda22ffc0681e4c706452c05f  mc.tar.gz

DONE SSL LetsEncrypt

Enables us to use encryption, something you should never not do in the 21st century inter-net.

Tables and Figures


Figure 1: A unix plumber in the sewers of

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